Visionary Women For Development Promotes

Girls Education and Women's income generating skills in Cameroon and Beyond

Impact Pool 0 Women in 5 cities in the nation

Our Projects

Your donations will support women gain livelihood and or sponsor girls through school.

Volunteer with Us

Our work is done entirely by volunteers. People volunteer with us in different...

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Our Programs

We design and implement both long term and short- term programs using contextual and evidence-based information generated through research.

Our Goals

Our organisational goals are

Programme Development

To generate and use strategic contextual information through research to develop programs on women’s skill building and Girls’ education.


To use the asset based and community driven Development model to coordinate and support the creation of livelihood activities for women.


To create strategic long-term alliances and partnerships to support women and girls in Cameroon.


There are many ways you can support a fair and just world for women and girls in Cameroon. You can either volunteer with us, sponsor a girl child through school, sponsor a skill building training, establish start- up businesses for women or donate school materials like books, pens, rulers and school uniforms to girls.

Our Team

Our work is mostly done by volunteers. People volunteer with us in different capacities and skills depending on their skills and positions available

Ms Taku A. Ronaldine

Founder and National Coordinator, VIWOD Cameroon

Mrs Spora Awa Ndi

Nurse Vice President, VIWOD

Mrs Constance Ajang

Social Affairs Administrator with Cameroon Government Secatary General of VIWOD.

Mrs Jemea Nkengafac

Nurse Financial officer of VIWOD

Mrs Alice Effeti Lyonga

Barrista at Law , Member of
Cameroon Bar Association
Legal Adviser for VIWOD

Miss Ericka Lalaina

International Advisor, VIWOD

Kamga Constance Ndifon

Public Relations Officer

Suh Noella Wirsenyuy

Gender Adviser

Where We Work

Our impact has largely been in the South West Region

With your assistance, we can extend to the other regions of the nation and impact more women and girls.